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Tourmaline Bracelet No 48

Tourmaline Bracelet No 48

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Tourmaline is one of the rarest gemstones that come in all colors of rainbow It evokes a genuine vibration of happiness and the lightness of being. Known as the healing stone it promotes the overall balance of one’s energy field.

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Tourmaline Bracelet No 48

Negative ions generated by Tourmaline Remember how you feel when walking along the beach or standing by the waterfall? Soothed and relaxed The air is rich in negative ions known as “vitamin of the air Tourmaline generates negative ions to create a natural microenvironment around you.
Far infrared rays released by Tourmaline Tourmaline releases far infrared rays, which permeate deep parts of the body to activate cells, promote blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism.
Bioelectric current resonance effect of Tourmaline Tourmaline generates a faint electric current at 0.06 mA which matches with the bioelectric current of a human being The current resonance of human being The current resonance effect improves micro-circulation adjusts the central nervous system and improves heart rhyme and blood circulation.

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